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Debbie Baxter & Lisa Taylor's Post-ESID 2022 takeaways

Specialist Nurses for Clinical Immunology at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Scotland. They will be discussing their four chosen topics from ESID 2022 and how these might impact on their nursing of immunodeficiency.

Topics chosen:

1. How nurses can improve quality of life of patients with PID; Sarita Workman

2. Self-Management and Travelling: How to Empower the PID Patient; Suzanne Bazen, Marianne van der Ent

3. READY STEADY GO: A generic transition tool used in patients with PID; Linda Van der Knapp

4. ESID/IPOPI/INGID PID/IEI and SID Uniting Immunodeficiencies; Isabelle Meyts

Primary Immunodeficiency
Allied Professional
General Practitioner
Specialist Nurse
Clinical Immunology

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